Brandy is one of the GOAT R&B performers. She’s got an iconic voice and an endless array of bops. However, things have been touch and go for her lately. Things came to a head over the weekend when performance footage of her hit the internet. In the video, she’s lip-synching during Jazz In The Gardens, which isn’t out of the ordinary for singers who are dancing, but she’s not even trying! She was also called out for the weird dance moves that she was doing. Add to that, while performing “I’m Your Baby Tonight” by her longtime idol Whitney Houston she somehow slipped and FELL. Some think it was none other than Whitney’s ghost who pushed her while others feel she was just having a bad show but what do YOU think?! Comment below, it’s Thursday! #thursdayscoop #4everbrandy #brandy_inspires #girlbye #lipsyncbattle #whitneyhouston #whitney_has_swag #whitneyghost #blackexcellence #blackination #blackigossip #socialstreaming #blacksocialstreaming #blacktechs #blacktechnology #blackmoneymatters #queenkay


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